St John the Evangelist, Buglawton, Cheshire.
Buglawton Buglawton
Inscription: Sacred to the memory of the Rev'd Henry Rowland Bramwell M.D. Rector of the Parish, who died on the ninth day of November 1868 aged 56 years. I am the resurrection, and the life: saith the Lord. John.XI.25.

Inscription: To the blessed memory of the Reverend Edward Wilson, the Minister of this Parish from its formation in 1840 to his death on 4th July 1858 aged 71 years. His sorrowing flock have dedicated this tablet in testimony of their gratitude to Almighty God for the inestimable instruction and example of such a pastor. They that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever Daniel.XII.3

Inscription: In a vault under the vestry sleep the mortal remains of Elizabeth, the wife of John Johnson of Buglawton esquire, who died on the 26th day of February 1844 aged 36 years. This tablet was erected by her surviving husband, to record her worth as an exemplary wife, an affectionate mother and a faithful friend. Also in affectionate remembrance of John George Johnson who departed this life August 29 1801 aged 4 months. Also John husband of the above named Elizabeth Johnson who died April the 9th 1869, aged 84.

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