Bleak Hey Nook, Saddleworth.
Bleak Hey Nook, roads

Bleak Hey Nook has been on trading routes for centuries. Looking east, four roads leave the hamlet and climb the hill towards the moors and Yorkshire. Three are shown in this photograph.

The road on the left tackles the hill head on. Over the centuries it has been worn deep into the ground by the hooves of countless pack horses.

The middle road is an eighteenth century stage coach road winding its way up the hill to make it easier for the horses. The first turnpike to cross the moors here opened in 1759.

On the right, the modern main road (the A62) skirts the hamlet keeping noisy vehicles away from habitation.

The fourth trans-pennine road here, but not show in this photograph, is a Roman road. The Romans colonised the area and built roads and forts in the first century AD.

The trans-pennine motorway, the M62, is a few miles to the north.

Other forms of transport are hidden but not far away. The Manchester to Huddersfield Canal (opened in 1811), and the railway (opened in 1848), pass underneath Bleak Hey Nook in tunnels. The Pennine Way, a long distance footpath, crosses the horizon on its way to Scotland.

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