War Memorial, St Mary's Church, Weaverham, Cheshire.

War Memorial, St Mary's Church, Weaverham, Cheshire.


In St Mary's Church, Weaverham, Cheshire.


A multi-panelled wooden memorial incorporating a crucifix, and parchments in memory of the Vicar's son and several others, presumably of Weaverham Parish, who fell in the first world war.


Greater love hath no man than this
When Thou hadst overcome
the sharpness of death
Thou didst open the
Kingdom of Heaven
to all Believers

W Ashley  ·  W Bettley  ·  J Bell  ·
W Bell  ·  J Barnes  ·  H S Harlow
J Birtwistle  ·  W Birtwistle  ·
J Buckley  ·  G H Buckley  ·
A S Burgess  ·  A S Christopher  ·
F J Christopher  ·  T E Cross  ·
R Clarke  ·  J Clarke  ·  T Davis  ·
W Dutton  ·  W J Deamer  ·
E H Drowley  ·  G C L Dewhurst  ·
A Elsby  ·  G A Fairhurst  ·
F Fowles  ·  A O Gerrard  ·
J J Gerrard  ·  T M Gandy  ·
A Gregory  ·  T Hough  ·
F Johnson  ·  W J Johnson  ·
J Kettle  ·  L G Kyffin  ·
T Lightfoot  ·  H C Leadbeater  ·
In loving memory
Lievt 1-5 Batt S Lanc Regt
Only Son of the Rev Francis Long MA
Vicar of Weaverham
Who fell in the Battle of the Somme near Delville Wood  
Sept 8 1916 Aged 20 Years

In memory also of those names hereon
Who in the Great War laid down their lives
God their King and their Country


T Marriot  ·  H Mottershead  ·
J Neald  ·  A S Newall  ·  J A Powell  ·
J W Powell  ·  T E Prince  ·
F Percival  ·  R Ramsden  ·
R Redford  ·  A Robinson  ·
A Roden  ·  J Shallcross  ·
A Shallcross  ·  J W S Spruce  ·
F E Stanley  ·  F Stockton  ·
J Stockton  ·  E H Taylor  ·
E Tonkinson  ·  L Vernon  ·
S Voinus  ·  D Wakefield  ·
G Wakefield  ·  W Waterman  ·
J A Waterman  ·  J Whalley  ·
H Wilkinson  ·  P C Wilkinson  ·
A Whitley  ·  H Woodward  ·
T Yoxall  ·  W T Yoxall  · 

War Memorial, St Mary's Church, Weaverham, Cheshire.

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